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Tatsuya also apologizes to Minami for having to go through the mock battle because of him. Tatsuya also cares about Minami and genuinely feels bad that she had to go through that for him. Minami apologizes as well, she responded rather quickly, and couldn’t hide the fact that she was confused why Tatsuya was worried about her as well. Miyuki was watching this development with a smile on her face but that smile scared Minami.

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Tatsuya was waiting for them as they arrived, thanked Hyougo for bringing Miyuki and also thanked Minami for her hard work. Tatsuya stole the march on both Hyougo and Minami by helping Miyuki out of the car with an umbrella ready. Tatsuya then asked Minami and Miyuki to both go into the house ahead of him while he talked to Hyougo.

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But fortunately for Tomitsuka, Minami did not notice him blushing. Minami hooked his leg from the inside, crushing Tomitsuka''s body from the front.

Oil, coal and nuclear companies have suffered major damage as energy sources shifted from fossil fuels to solar, wind, geothermal and biofuels. But by surviving in places that didn’t have the optimal conditions for these new energy companies, they had managed to stay relevant for now. And with the development of magic that can suppress nuclear fission and cuts off radiation, people’s sense of repulsion against nuclear power is declining.

"Minoru is worried that Minami will suddenly suffer serious damage from abnormal operation in the magic calculation area right?"

Tatsuya slowly headed towards the gunman, and the gunman fired more shots in Tatsuya’s direction. Tatsuya used Decomposition to slow down the momentum (vectors around the bullet) of the bullets to make it easier to catch. He did not try to apprehend the terrorist either even though he could have done so easily. The terrorist then tried to strike Tatsuya with his pistol but Tatsuya easily dodged that strike. The terrorist took out a combat knife next and attempted to stab Tatsuya in the stomach, but Tatsuya grabbed the terrorist’s hand before it could make contact and forced him to drop the knife.

Aoba asks him why he doesn’t need to think about it, and Ushio says that his wife and daughter are magicians and doesn’t wish for them to be used as weapons in the future. He continues to explain that if a war does break out that both of them will be called to the battlefield, and he fears this day. Aoba also asks him about Project Dione and why he doesn’t support the plan from the USNA.

"As expected, "Gram Dispersion." When I saw it a while ago, I thought it was just a misunderstanding. But to be able to bring such high difficulty magic that is said to only succeed in the laboratory into an actual battle.. As one would expect from the direct descendant of the Yotsuba, right?"

At the same time, however, Tatsuya is hit by a magic sequence to increase electric conductance. The magic itself has no magical power, but it conflicts with the "Douden Himaku" that "reduces electric resistance to approximately zero."

Igor designates all the conditions into the console of the computer, instead of specifying the magic formula in his mind and then builds the invocation formula based on it. By doing so, he is building a very complex magic formula that is impossible for normal magicians.

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