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In TRAKTOR PRO 7, the MODE button toggles the FILTER | FX knob between the filter types Z and Ladder , as shown in the Filter Selection menu under TRAKTOR Preferences Mixer. Each of these types is modeled after a specific hardware filter with a characteristic effect on the audio signal.

The default Filter Type in TRAKTOR PRO 7 is Z. In order to change it, press the MODE button. It will become white to indicate that the filter type has now changed to Ladder. In both filter types, turning the FILTER | FX knob counter-clockwise will cut the high frequencies, while turning it clockwise will cut the low frequencies. Press the ON button below the knob in order to toggle the filter on and off. The movement of these parameters on your hardware controller will be mirrored by the corresponding control elements in TRAKTOR's interface on screen.

Traktor Kontrol Z1 Review - DJBooth

Traktor Pro is such an application, designed to allow professional DJs and beginners to effortlessly mix together any number of audio tracks, loops and samples to obtain a new music production. Traktor Pro features 9 decks, boasting TruWave colored waveform displays, all of them with powerful and versatile cueing and looping tools, that can make the difference when a DJ has a live mixing sessions in front of a large audience and no time to look trough its music collection in search of the next perfect track.

:Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z1 DJ

With the Kontrol Z6 added, Traktor DJ becomes a legit tool for crafting credible live mixes. Of course it also gives you high-grade, two-channel audio, so you can monitor tracks in your headphones.

If you thought that the Traktor DJ iOS app was only good for track preparation and amusing yourself on a boring flight, that was before the Kontrol Z6 made it much easier to perform seamless live mixes with proper headphone cueing from a mobile device. And don’t worry, it’s fully aligned with Traktor Pro and MIDI-compatible as well. Read on to see if this new slim controller is worth two bills to you.

The Calibration area in the Z6 preferences. Use these controls if your Z6's controls appear to have decalibrated. Pressing one of the but- tons will recalibrate the relevant mixer controls. LEDs The LEDs area in the Z6 preferences. TRAKTOR KONTROL Z6 - Manual - 87.

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The use of the Filter/FX knob and the Mode button differs a bit with Traktor DJ. The On button is dimly backlit either blue (for the filter) or orange (for the FX) and when you press On to turn on the effect, the backlight brightens up. To switch modes, you hold down the Mode button and press On. The Filter/FX knob only controls the X-axis parameter of the filter and effects, which is the effects variation the Y-axis controls the effects dry/wet mix, which you can tweak with your finger on the screen while you using the hardware knob.

If you x7569 ve been waiting for a modular mixer style controller for Traktor Pro/LE or if you x7569 re starting to get serious with the Traktor DJ App, then the Z6 is more than likely your weapon of choice.

It required virtually no learning curve to walk the balancing act between using the touchscreen for track selection, cue points, and looping, while working the Z6’s familiar territory for EQing, fading and filter/FX control.

We&apos ve had the Traktor Kontrol Z6 mixing console interface in the Lab for to test it out with the Traktor DJ App and the Traktor Pro and LE software. Check out the results in the full HD-Video and written review to see if this is the option for you. (The Traktor Kontrol Z6 is available now for $699 and comes bundled with Traktor LE for computer connectivity. The Traktor DJ App is now FREE from the App Store.)

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