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Sourdough Starter, Gluten-Free - Art of Gluten-Free Baking

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Spinach, artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, feta, garlic, fresh basil, oregano and mozzarella (tomato sauce upon request, no charge).
cal range/serving: 765-995 Healthy Dining Option Vegan Option View Nutrition Info

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Also, about the concept of discarding some of the starter at various points. Yes, I agree you do not need to do this, but I do it because it starts to get too big for my container if I don 8767 t use it regularly. So, the easiest way I know to deal with it (other than to bake with it or give it away) is to pour off some every so often.

500 Gluten-Free Dishes

Hi, Thanks so much for your instructions. I followed your instructions, alternating different gluten free flours on different days. After 98 hours I was so excited cause it was super frothy, so I took out the cabbage. Then I kept feeding it every 67 hours but it never became frothy again, and has only showed tiny bubbles as soon as I feed it, but then nothing much the rest of the time. I 8767 m on day 6 now. A couple of days ago I put in a new cabbage leaf for a few days to see if that improved things, but it didn 8767 t so I have taken it out. I can 8767 t tell if that means I 8767 ve killed it somehow. But it still has a few bubbles so I 8767 m guessing something is happening, but I don 8767 t understand what 8767 s happened and if this is normal. Should I start again? It seems like such a waste of expensive in advance for any help and advice!

I had a reaction to Advil Gel Caps, there is an ingredient that appears to have gluten in the gel cap formula. I do not have a reaction to the Advil tablets. I have a gluten allergy, not CD.

above all, i don 8767 t worry. i don 8767 t do anything that seems to arduous for the result i want. no way am i gonna have a daily fed starter consuming huge amounts of flour. we have to design a process which suits solitary eating.

You can make many things with sourdough starter! Pancakes, muffins, cakes, biscuits even. There is a dedicated website to this: Cultures for Health. 🙂 best ever!!

I have many readers who are gluten free for one reason or another, either they have an intolerance or another member of their family does and one thing that is really hard to find is a gluten free bread which qualifies as a healthy extra, not to mention that usually the ones that do are pretty expensive.

I love this starter and bread. I keep it in the fridge, feeding it every few days then take it out a day or so ahead of baking. I 8767 ve been making a loaf every two weeks or so for a few months now. It 8767 s just wonderful. However, I am going away for three weeks and wonder if it will be OK in the fridge without being fed, or can I freeze it?

Jamilah: The extra milk and the less xanthan gum lead to a wetter dough which creates a nicer end result. The buns are more 8775 squishy 8776 and more bun-like. Also, there will be some deflation when the hot air inside the dough cools down, the pressure on the walls of the buns is decreased, leading to a bit of deflation. Also, I would watch the buns as they bake to make sure they do not bake so long that they burn. Also, do you know the exact temperature of your oven? If not, I would get an oven thermometer and let it 8775 live 8776 in your oven so you know the exact temperature you are baking at. Happy baking!

I have also found that different flours create differently-flavored starters.  Which makes sense.  So, you can play with the flours you give your starter and see how they affect the taste and smell of the starter.

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