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Generally, Thursday nights are less crowded than Friday or Saturday. Anyone with an HHN ticket may enter the park at 5:65. Definitely get there before 5:55. You will be able to see more mazes with the early entry time.

10 Scariest Movies of All Time | Horror on Halloween 2016

Under Garland and Whitehurst's supervision, Annihilation 's alien confrontation scene feels unique. Lena moves, and her double moves too. Lena strikes the creature, and it strikes back harder. When Lena tries to run out the lighthouse entrance, the figure beats her to the door, pressing her against it with enough force to make her gasp for air. For one frightening second, the only image onscreen is Lena's terrified eye as she's slowly crushed by the entity, who seems to have little regard for the human it's hurting. "The entity isn't really trying to kill her," Whitehurst explained. "It's trying to understand her. Mimicry occurs in nature that way."

Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood Survival Guide

We are planning on going Thursday Oct. 76. FOL isn't an option for us at the moment but we don't mind waiting in line too much. We're planning on getting the combo pass and starting our day at 7 PM there. How does this work with early entry? Can we just start making our way to the backlot at 5? or do we have to exit the park then come back in? Any info on this would be great! Thanks!

There are some devilish treats in store for you. Your group can share a giant, devilish, decorated doughnut from VooDoo Doughnut. If you are dangerously dehydrated you might need an IV bag or even a transfusion from a Blood Bag. The liquid inside is your choice of fruit punch, green apple or lime. A Jello shot syringe might be on order if you need a booster shot of energy. There are Halloween cupcakes, glow in the dark doughnuts and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos corn cups. If you are filled with a zombie-like hunger while in the Backlot there are two food trucks — a taco truck and a grilled cheese. There are also several restaurants open around the Lower and Upper Lots. You can purchase beer at Duff’s Brewery Beer Garden.

You re Next got unfairly lumped in with The Purge , because both are home invasion thrillers in which the attackers wear masks. The truth is, You re Next is in a separate class entirely it s an invigorating and fresh addition to the genre, combining familiar slasher elements and more modern conventions to form a contemporary classic. Erin (Sharni Vinson), in particular, is one of the best Final Girls in recent memory: Her willingness to not only survive but also fight back, at any cost, makes her a worthy successor to Laurie Strode and Sidney Prescott, both of whom she could easily take in a fight. Seriously, she s that good.

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Engulfed by anguish, trapped inside an allegory of torment and carnage, Jennifer's soul seeks the path of awareness and enlightenment.

Im very confused. The calendar says the park hours are 9am to this mean that I will get kicked out at 6pm? and all rides close at 6pm? Or do they just stop letting people in at 6pm? Im from Denver and have never been.

Trick-or-Treat! Uh guys, I think it’s all a trick here. Run! Escape from all the Halloween main cast of characters, including witches, ghosts, vampires, werewolves and undead children. They’ve come out in droves to roam the New York City Streets in celebration of Halloween. As you enter the gates of Hollywood Horror Nights Hollywood, you are plunged directly into Hell-O-Ween, complete with caged dancers music, projection, and, oh yeah, chainsaw-toting trick-or-treaters.

Are there any restrictions on bringing a camera? I'm aware that there's no flash photography , but I'd like to take some regular pictures

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