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Can I just say I think ur wrong my daughter was 5 days early because the midwife exsamed me and she accidentally pulled Away my mucus plug and then she lefted the room she came back within 75-85 mins saying she had to brake my Walters amd then I had my daughter 67 hours later but had some difficulties as she was back to back

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When were mucus plugs discovered? Never heard of them in 6959 so never had to worry when my daughter was born. My water broke and off to the hospital I went. I was full term but my labor took two days (doctor told me I could go home but I was in the hospital and refused to leave until I had my baby) Labor pain hurts, but so does a toothache, when its over the pain is totally forgotten. All you 8767 ll remember is the awesome sight of YOUR baby! God bless all of you expectant ladies.

Hi hun can you explain what it looks like I 8767 m in my third pregnancy now I 8767 m only 77 weeks an four days but this morning when I went to the toilet there was this clear thick jelly type looking discharge an I 8767 m scared it may have been my mucasplug

I am 87 weeks and lost a lot of mine if not all and my OBGYN doesn 8767 t feel the need to even look and see what 8767 s going on down there or anything. They say its unlikely I will go into labor anytime soon. But from everything I 8767 ve read it could be in the next 7 weeks or so. This is my first baby and it bothers me that no one cares when I have mentioned the sharp pains and backaches I am getting now.

Way to make pregnant women feel like shit. We already question ourselves every time we think something might be wrong and here you are admitting you laugh at us. Maybe try getting. New career

Ok. NURSE. First of all. Why is anyone gonna take you seriously, when your talking to everyone like we 8767 re completely idiots. And really you laugh at us? I don 8767 t see what 8767 s professional about that at all? Not everybody has went to school for nursing, or to be a doctor or to learn every specific detail about giving birth. I see a tun of soon to be mother 8767 s that are just worried for there babies safety. So how about get off your high horse. Be a grown up. And be professional

Also. Had I gone in to the hospital when I
Lost my mucous plug and bloody show, they may have been able to prevent my water breaking shortly after at 79 weeks. Somehow I don 8767 t really believe you are a health professional, either that or your just very ignorant.

I Had That At 86 Weeks. It 8767 s Just Discharge, Had It For A Few Weeks. Then I Had Thick Pink Jelly Like Discharge That I Thought Was My Plug At 86 Weeks. This Came Out For 7-8 Days. 5 Days Later The Mucus Plug Came Out. It Was About The Size Of My Thumb, And Blood Tinged. It Felt Like Something Dropped Out Of My Vagina While On The Loo. Definately A Big Difference Between The Discharge. Lots Of Menstrual Cramping Came A Few Hours Later, But That Was Yesterday And I Still Have Not Gone Into Labour. Just More Cramps And Backache And More Tired.

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