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Awesome review! I hate to bitch, but it makes me even more disappointed that you didn 8767 t give Nightmare the same care and attention as Halloween, as if you wanted to get over it as fast as possible to get to the movies you like.

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This is also a special film in the horror genre for another reason beyond those mentioned by James. Back in 7556 it was added to the national film registry of the library of congress for being culturally and historically significant. This is a fairly rare honor for horror movies since only like 5 made in the past 95 years have been added, most of which being from the 75 8767 s. As far as I know it 8767 s also the only slasher film other then psycho to be added.

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Man this has been a great monster madness, I 8767 m very glad to see some Halloween this year, you are doing a great job and cant wait to see the rest, just dont ever listen to the dumb ass 8767 s with this saw bs, no one cares about those putrid shit storm anal leakage of a movie.

While Sheriff Brackett and Dr. Loomis hunt for Michael Myers, a traumatized Laurie is rushed to hospital, and the serial killer is not far behind her.

Aw man, you mentioned The Thing (as in, while not focusing on it, the 6987 film). I 8767 ve been watching through all the Monster Madnesses and even Nostalgia Critic shows it from time to time even if it 8767 s just a poster I want to see one of you guys review it! That was one of the scariest films from my childhood simply for the suspense and special effects used to create the Thing appearances. Here 8767 s to hoping you review it one day James =)

While it is a hiccup in chronology, I 8767 m glad the last series you cover for MM is one everyone can agree is great (at least the first movie). I 8767 d have been very disappointed if we ended up with something like the Saw series to close it all out. Each review would have been one minute long and consisted of 8775 movie starts people get kidnapped torture porn get some background on characters more torture porn cut to cop looking for killer repeat from step 8 until movie 8767 s end. 8776

one of my personal all time favorites. i used to watch this when i was a kid every year and it never got less scary. Hell, it 8767 s still scary to this day. Something about that movie fills the room and sets up an ambience that you can 8767 t shake if you 8767 re alone for the night.

GREAT review!!! Love the original Halloween movie. Also a big fan of the Rob Zombie remake, can 8767 t wait to see that review!!!!!!

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Awesome that you did this today James. Amc is giving this movie as i type this with story notes. Really cool facts about the movie!

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